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Homelessness isn't seasonal, it affects the lives of millions of people every day and is worthy of our attention year round. We plan to travel to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need. We need to start by viewing and treating poverty and homelessness as what they are: human and civil rights issues.

Our 3rd Annual Blanket Drive is Saturday 12/3  and we need your help immediately. Basic toiletries, and Blankets are in high demand. Join us and  Make your contribution now.

Locally, nationally and internationally, Hugs In A Blanket Foundation  is a vocal advocate for the homeless and displaced.  What began as an annual blanket drive to give back to the community has become a 501(c) (3) Foundation committed to engaging the community to affect change.



Work with members in your community and make a difference 

For more than 3 years, Hugs in a Blanket Foundation has devoted its energy to passionately raising awareness to the rising epidemic of  homelessness. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

Our Mission

 3rd Annual

Hugs In A Blanket Drive

Join us December 3, 2016 at St. John's Downtown 2019 Crawford St. Houston, TX  from 11-1pm. It would be an honor to have you on board to make an EPIC impact in the Houston Community. We anticipate over 400 homeless and displaced people attending this event.​

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The Hug that gives back. Let’s end to homelessness  world-wide!



Hugs In A Blanket Foundation